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Performance Contracting

Perfomance Contract Results for the year 2015/16


A Performance Contract is a management tool for measuring performance against negotiated performance targets. It is a freely negotiated performance agreement between the Government, acting as the owner of a public agency, and the management of the agency.

The Performance Contract specifies the mutual performance obligations, intentions and responsibilities of the two parties.

The expected outcomes of the introduction of Performance Contracts include:

  • Improved efficiency in service delivery to the public by ensuring that holders of public office are held accountable for results
  • Institutionalization of a performance-oriented culture in the Public Service
  • Ability to measure and evaluate performance
  • Ability to link reward for work to measurable performance
  • Instilling accountability for results at all levels in the government
  • Ensuring that the culture of accountability pervades all levels of Government
  • Reduction or elimination of reliance on Exchequer funding by Public Agencies
  • Ability to strategize the management of public resources
  • Recreating a culture of results-oriented management in the Public Service

The policy decision to introduce Performance Contracts in the management of the Public Service was conveyed in the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS), (2003- 2007).

Perfomance Contract results for KEMI 2010/2011.pdf


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