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ESD Open Day

ESD Open DayLast year’s Open Day did not not only attract participation of all KEMI staff but also stakeholders drawn from the education sector. Presiding over the opening ceremony, the Director, Grace Ngaca said that open days give the Institute the opportunity to interact with  stakeholders and the public at large, sharing the Institutes ESD programmes outputs and services.

The KEMI ESD Lead actors’ committee sat and decided to have an open day to initiate the process into achieving the ESD target of establishing a model ESD training centre in KEMI.

The working committee charged with the responsibility of KEMI ESD open days led by Ms. Margaret Maina later planned for first open day activities to take place on Friday, 5, April, 2017. The aim being to transform the ESD demonstration centre to an ESD model centre.At the end of the day, it was expected that the KEMI staff members, would have built healthy working teams.

Transformed the demonstration centre into an ESD model centre by having green walls, talking walls, flowered compound, neater demonstration room and neater surrounding

The working committee deliberated on the activities to be done during the Open day around and inside the ESD demonstration room and this is what was decided:

  1. Reorganizing the demonstration room, preparing talking walls and mounting photographs on walls.
  2. Landscaping and planting of flowers in an innovative way.
  3. Clearing the ESD Demonstration center’s compound by collecting rubbish and clearing the small bushes around the block.
  4. Preparing green walls

All these activities involved all KEMI staff members and would utilize the locally available materials that could be reused in beatifying the compound.

ESD Open DayThe ESD open day encouraged social engagement where all members of staff participated in reducing expenditure by being involved in carrying out manual work instead of employing different people for pay. The team was engaged in improving the environment by cleaning up the compound, planting vegetables, flowers and trees as well as watering the young trees and flowers because the activity occurred during a dry spell. All that was happening was done creatively involving critical thinking and problem solving skills from the members. Each members was given freedom to participate in an area of their interest to encourage them to enjoy doing the work using their own hands.

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